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  • Promoting
  • enhance cultural heritage
  • local identity
  • NewCiMed Project
  • Strengthening the national strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of balanced and sustainable socio-economic development
  • Valorization of the cultural heritage of New Cities in the Mediterranean area and exploitation as tourist destination improving economical and social conditions
  • Enhancement of local identity of populations based on the recognition of the value of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of New Towns with a view of increasing social cohesion and multicultural dialogue


The NEWCIMED project focuses on enhancing the cultural heritage and the territorial planning capacities of the so-called “New Cities” with a holistic, systematic and strategic multisectoral planning.

The project develops a new model which will enhance the value of urbanisation, whether historical or modern that can identify guidelines for enhancing the development of new cities.

Project Partners

  • Provincia di Oristano 
  • Municipality of Cullera

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Overall Objectives

objectiveTwo challenging general goals lead this project to wide ranging socio cultural intervention.

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Eleven Partners

Framework of cooperation plan which involves eleven partners each bearer...

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activityThe NewCiMed project implements several main activities like the strategic planning process for

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Workshop and Events

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City of Writers - Arborea

The Indiscreet Eye - Maamoura

Lettera Tua - Palermo

EuroMed Contemporary Architecture - Latina

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Euro Mediterranean Widespread Museum

EuroMed Widespread Museum

Euro Mediterranean Widespread Museum

The Museum gathers the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the partner territories at transnational level.

New Cities of Mediterranean Sea Basin involved :

Al Tafila (Giordan) - Arborea (Italy)

Cullera (Spain) - Latina (Italy)

Maamoura (Tunisia) - Ustica (Italy)

Tyre (Lebanon)

Each element will be combined in a specific path to allow the tourist to discover the attractions.

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