Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Role and involvement in preparing the proposed project

The Department of Antiquities of Jordan has adopted Newcimed’s proposals, contributing all the information regarding its territory, by undertaking a deep, complementary and coherent analysis of this project and its interactions with others, already in existence. The Department has developed a programme of planned activities for the area, with the participation of Herimed.

Role and involvement in implementing the proposed project: PILOT PARTNER

The Department of Antiquities of Jordan is a Pilot Partner of Newcimed, and Al-Tafila was chosen as target area for the project's planned activities program. The Department will participate within the network's framework by exchanging know-how and knowledge of good practices, and will cooperate with the Documentation Centre also, by providing resources for the running of the online terminal. It will assist the University of Valencia during the Analysis Phase (Swot and ProEco) by providing pieces of information, necessary to prepare the studies.
Its program and environmental framework will be determined along with the University of Tor Vergata. As a pilot area, it will cooperate with the Universities regarding the fulfillment of the STeMA analysis, offering its know-how on the field, and it will help defining the Strategic Plan, which will lead to the adoption of an UNESCO Plan. The expected Transnational Touristic Guide will need a systematic use of the studies' results in order to identify touristic itineraries that should be tested in the pilot phase; the partner will guarantee guided tours and their promotion, in conjunction with international Tour Operators.
All information published by the Department on the project will be at the public's disposal, thanks to its communication plan. As a partner it will participate in transnational seminaries, workshops and any other event included in the project's program. It will also be responsible for the Pilot Committee’s 2nd transnational seminar's organization, as well as the “The City for Others” event, all in the chosen target area. As a Newcimed partner, the Department of Antiquities of Jordan will give its contribution to the website, as well as the monitoring, control, evaluation and the technical and administrative reports of the project.
The Department will develop any technical and administrative activities under its responsibility in close cooperation with Herimed, which will assist the team leader in liaising with this partner.

Euro Mediterranean Widespread Museum

EuroMed Widespread Museum

Euro Mediterranean Widespread Museum

The Museum gathers the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the partner territories at transnational level.

New Cities of Mediterranean Sea Basin involved :

Al Tafila (Giordan) - Arborea (Italy)

Cullera (Spain) - Latina (Italy)

Maamoura (Tunisia) - Ustica (Italy)

Tyre (Lebanon)

Each element will be combined in a specific path to allow the tourist to discover the attractions.

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